since 1976Our Mission, Our Vision

To offer an honest, reliable, sustainable and satisfying business development together with our customers and partners. To enhance the beauty of our tradition and promote originality in the innovation process.
To respect the organic nature of raw materials.
To instill passion and share knowledge while creating unique and inimitable products.
Passion for our work, Customer care, Respect for the environment and raw materials.

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Company – History


« I did the best combining affection with business, working with people dear to me. Even in business, you need consciousness and love »

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Red as a rose that never perishes,
Symbol of a beauty that never vanishes.







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Massa Gioconda manufacturing combines traditional techniques and innovation, creativity and professionalism.

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I Materiali

Growing in sea depths or treasured in mountain caves, our materials represent the colours of life.
Wear the passionate red of our corals and the shining light blue of our turquoise.
Feel all the overwhelming emotions they evoke.
Rise up your spirit and make your soul vibrate.

Coral Cameo Turquoise


Massa Gioconda manufacturing combines traditional techniques and innovation, creativity and expertise. Each loose stone or carving is the result of a patient and meticulous artistic work, which gives the final creation originality and grace. In a single word: emotions!

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The Anthozoa

Corals are marine invertebrates within the class Anthozoa (Greek original meaning is "ἄνθος / anthos" flower and "ζῷον / zoon" animal). Because of its tree-like...

5-10 February 2019: GJX Tucson show, Arizona

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth!

Napoleon Riding his Horse

Napoleon Crossing the Alps, by Jacques-Louis David, Musée National du Cháteau de Malmaison (Paris). On the right, "Napoleon Riding his Horse" represented on a Sardonyx...