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Posted by | 23/02/2023

Since ancient times, the cameo has never stopped riding the centuries, establishing itself as the royal jewel par excellence. The art of cameo carving has long origins; it is an...

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Posted by | 19/01/2023
Coral in haute couture and fashion

Coral  has been used as a gemstone in jewelry for centuries. As early as in ancient Greece it was used as an ornament, and in the 400s it became an...

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Posted by | 01/12/2022
Coral proteins against HIV

According to a study conducted by Barry O'Keefe, researcher of the Molecular Targets Laboratory at the National Cancer Institute's Center for Cancer Research, a new protein found in coral has...

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Posted by | 20/10/2022

  THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA STORMED BY PIRATES.   The Mediterranean is not only the cradle of traditions and art. This area has long been stormed by Barbary and Turkish pirates,...

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Posted by | 29/09/2022
Coral: a sea gem full of colors, emotions and benefits

  "Coral has the beauty of the rose, the color of blood, the clarity of crystal, the heat of fire"   - Vittorio G. Rossi Coral has been the subject...

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Posted by | 14/08/2020
Turquoise: main mines and colors

Turquoise: main mines and colors   Where does turquoise come from? Why are there so many different varieties of turquoise? When it comes to turquoise, it is essential to understand...

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Tuquoise pieces
Posted by | 24/07/2020
Natural, Enhanced, Stabilized or Reconstructed Turquoise?

NATURAL, ENHANCED, STABILIZED, AND RECONSTRUCTED TURQUOISE: WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?   "How to distinguish natural turquoise from stabilized or reconstructed one?" When buying a jewel with turquoise stones, it is...

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Posted by | 10/07/2020
What is Turquoise?

  Turquoise is a matt mineral of extremely variable color, and, as many already know, it was widely used by ancient cultures. Why many diverse and distant peoples love turquoise...

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Posted by | 26/06/2020
Coral and Art 

Coral and Art   “What is the meaning of coral in portraits?” We often ask ourselves this question when we notice the presence of coral necklaces or coral objects in...

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Posted by | 09/06/2020
Coral and Health: beneficial properties of coral

"Does coral have beneficial properties for health?" "What are the properties of coral?"       For long time doctors, pharmacists and biologists have been studying to find an answer...

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