About Us

« I did the best combining affection with business, working with people dear to me. Even in business, you need consciousness and love ».

Following their father Marino’s footsteps, experienced coral fisherman, with a long tradition behind him and numerous journeys in the main Mediterranean ports, the four Marotta brothers, led by the entrepreneurship of the eldest son Giuseppe, founded the company “Massa Gioconda” in Torre del Greco in 1976, by the name of their beloved mother to whom her husband Marino had already dedicated a coral fishing boat.

Since the beginning, the company had a very important place in the national market and soon expanded its business also in the European one. In particular, the participation to the Basel fair was a big step forward to the establishment of its business in the European market.
At the international level, the participation to the Pacific Jewelry Show in Los Angeles and to the Italian Jewelry Collection in Tokyo was a significant turning point, allowing the company to expand its business in the worldwide markets.

In Europe, USA and Japan, Massa Gioconda coral, turquoise and shell cameos have become the symbol of elegance and timeless beauty, spreading the company’s values all over the world.
As a matter of fact, the quality and the finesse of its products have created a strong identity through the years and identified the company in its target markets, getting the interest of the international jewellery industry.
The direct contact with its partners and clients and the satisfaction of their requirements are two fundamental values for Massa Gioconda, appreciated everywhere for its seriousness and reliability.