Following the ancient tradition of Torre del Greco, renewed worldwide for its long and rich tradition in coral fishing and carving, our company specializes in coral, turquoise and cameo manufacturing.
Massa Gioconda manufacturing combines traditional techniques and innovation, creativity and professionalism. According to international regulations for harvesting and trade of precious corals, we carefully select the raw materials that the skilled hand of the craftsman will turn into unique pieces.
The experience gained by our father Marino as coral fisherman and trader guided us since the company was founded and it is the basis for our expertise in coral manufacturing. The ability to observe the natural shapes hidden between the curves of the coral branches, to foresee the chromatic variations and the flaws, lead us through the manufacturing of a “stone”, not to be regarded as “raw material” to engrave, but as a “living object” waiting to reveal its inner shape.
Coral, turquoise and cameo manufactured by Massa Gioconda witness a timeless beauty. The quality and the finesse of our products have created a strong identity through the years and this identity distinguishes the company in its target markets, catching the interest of the international jewelry industry.
We are now expanding our business in several markets, establishing new relationships and strengthening the ones built up to date.


To offer an honest, reliable, sustainable and satisfying business development together with our customers and partners. To enhance the beauty of our tradition and promote originality in the innovation process.


To respect the organic nature of raw materials. To instill passion and share knowledge while creating unique and inimitable products.



Respect, Sharing, Cooperation

We support individual initiatives and the sharing of ideas and experiences;
We promote cooperation in order to achieve an efficient service and a high-quality product.


Honesty, Reliability, Communication

We assure our partners of competence and reliability;
We believe that a mutual exchange with customers and partners may guarantee long-lasting and successful collaborations.


Professionality, Courtesy, Excellence

We assure excellence and professionalism;
We encourage the creativity of our craftsmen;
We commit to customer needs.


Commitment, Environment, Innovation

We allow our customers to comply with coral regulations;
We believe that innovation starts with a responsible selection of raw materials.